Having a yard is a privilege, and the time you spend taking care of it is important. If you have let your yard go, it can quickly become the curse of the neighborhood. Oftentimes, having a yard that is an eyesore is worse than no yard at all. To make your yard the envy of the neighborhood, below are five ways to get started.

Stepping Stones

A nice way to spice things up in the yard is to create a walkway with stepping stones. This is an inexpensive way to improve your yard because you can make stepping-stones yourself from scratch. With a bit of concrete, a stepping-stone mold and something to decorate your stones with, you are on your way to having an elegant walkway.

Creating a Rose Garden

Think about all the pictures you have ever seen of beautiful gardens over the past years and usually one thing stands out more than any other: roses. Some people have the misconception that having a rose garden is too expensive. This is not true. To begin creating a rose garden, pick out a spot in the yard that you walk by frequently and is seen by people passing by. Outline your rose bed with landscape timbers or decorative rock. To have your roses grow in the best possible conditions, use garden soil.

Butterfly Garden

Creating an area in your yard that attracts butterflies allows you to have a beautiful butterfly garden. The different species of butterflies enjoy different types of nectar, so you want to plant alternating patters of cultivated and wild plants. When you plant larger groups of flowers, it is much easier for the butterflies to see them versus single planted flowers.

Aerating Your Lawn

One of the nicest ways to have your yard looking nice year round is by aerating it. A rotary lawn aerator is the secret weapon that keeps your grass looking healthy. There are plenty of benefits that go along with aerating the yard. Aerating allows your grass to breathe, helps nutrients and organic fertilizers to get directly into the roots of your lawn, helps break up the thatch just above the soil and allows a lot more water to sink deep into the lawn’s roots.

Building a Shed

One thing you can to do make your yard appear much cleaner and better organized is to build a garden shed where you can keep many of your yard belongings. This is a place you can store and organize your yard tools, garden supplies, building materials and anything else that you have laying around your yard. The most inexpensive way to add a shed to your yard is by building one yourself. You can find carpenter-quality shed plans from the Internet and build the shed with your own tools.


By following some of the above ideas, you can make your yard the envy of the entire neighborhood as well as an organized, fun place to spend time with family and friends.

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