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Most people today don’t understand the differences between clogged drains and drain cleaning in plumbing and home maintenance. This lack of understanding confuses many when issues occur because it becomes difficult to determine the kind of service that’s required to restore their pipe after a clog. Keep reading to understand the differences between the two.

Drain Cleaning your HVAC Helps Keep Your Lines, Pipes, and Drain Clean and Functioning Effectively

Drain cleaning, just as the name implies, refers to the process of clearing and cleaning your pipes for water to flow smoothly and freely in your plumbing. Cleaning is done by use of different techniques such as chemical and snakes cleaners. However, hydro jetting is the most common method used in drain cleaning.

Hydro-jetting uses a special machine that delivers highly pressurized water into the pipes to eliminate build-up, dirt, and debris. The machine cleans the lines making it easy for water to drain from your sinks and appliances.

Hydro jetting is the most preferred method because it eliminates potential debris, build-up, and clog throughout your plumbing system. The machine cleans the pipes and prevents future clogs, which makes it a significant investment.

You don’t have to wait until you have a clog to experience the benefits of drain cleaning services. Cleaning your pipe before the occurrence of a clog helps you avoid backups and the inconvenience of a clogged plumbing appliance such as a toilet, shower, and sink.

Clogged Drain Services Help Clear Major Blockages in Your Plumbing

You can do drain cleaning services before or after a clog has built up in your plumbing system. However, clogged drain services are only needed when a clog has already built up in your pipes or drains. You need these services when water doesn’t flow into your sewer freely. Failure to clean your plumbing system regularly results in clogged drains.

It is more costly to repair clogged drains. It takes a long time to get rid of a specific clog than cleaning your pipe before it forms. The process costs a lot of money to repair.

Moreover, there are other additional costs associated with fixing a clogged drain. Serious clogs can result in an overflowing sink, shower, toilet, or pipe bursting due to build-up in water pressure. If you don’t notice this right away, it can cause water damage, which is costly to fix.

Regular Drain Cleaning Is Recommended To Avoid Costly Backups and Clogs

In plumbing services, prevention is far much better than cure. You will need to find a reliable plumber to have this done regularly. It is better to have your drains cleaned immediately you notice that they are not working correctly or are slowing down. Pay attention to your pipe and look for clogged drain services as soon as you see a problem.

Regular drain cleaning will prevent the build-up of dirt and debris that could potentially cause a clog. It will also help avoid costly water damage from problems like drainage overflows. Your plumbing system will remain in great shape if you clean your drains and pipes regularly.


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