The sun room started off as a screened in porch and then evolved to a sun room. Every one loved the screened in porch so much they thought of ways to improve it. It was so nice not to have to deal with the bugs outside that people wanted a way not to have to endure the weather either.

First marketed in the 1960’s they began so popular that it was evident there would be lots of orders. The market, as planned, was bombarded with orders and the more they sold the more they improved them. Sun rooms have several different names used by people. They call them sun parlors, sun lounges, or sun porches and can be made of PVC, glass, wood, or brick. The use of glass panels can be clear of frosted. There are sun rooms that are made with high ceilings that are called Gable sun rooms. Constructed of aluminum framing these use tempered glass.

They even have sun rooms with insulated panels that have skylights. They use a shingled material for the roof. Now the sun rooms even have glass and heat resistant technology. This is so easy in the homes, using the heat and the air conditioning.

Sun Room In Houston TX


The sun room not only was a way to rid the public of weather and bugs but, it also gave extra room to the house. In the earlier days the sun rooms had tile on the floors because the roof might leak but today they have heated floors, hardwood and just about anything goes.


When installing a sun room make sure you get a good licensed contractor to do the job. If you are just getting a repair job also go with a contractor. It’s always a good idea to get the best. Also get references and check them. Some of the sun rooms can be built for as low as $6,995.00.

There are many uses for sun rooms. We live in Houston,  Texas and we have so much fun in ours. We basically use it as a family room on game night or when we have company. You can’t ever go wrong in building onto your house. Also we have a lot of parties, and my wife has a lot of bridal showers and baby showers using our sun room.   You and your family would really enjoy it.

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