Not many people think about winterizing in Houston, but with all the recent climate changes, winter (and snow) can show up anywhere. This means, you should always be prepared to winterize your outdoor furniture, so you can enjoy it in the spring.

With these tips, we can help you keep your furniture safe through any winter weather, so your patio or backyard space is ready for fun and entertainment as soon as spring arrives.

When to Winterize Your Houston Patio?

1. Keep an eye on the forecast

Even though weather can be unpredictable, it helps to watch the forecast. When you can see that cooler weather is coming, it is time to start prepping your patio furniture. You want to make sure everything is covered before any rain, snow, or winds show up.

2. Clean

Before you get your furniture covered up, clean it. Otherwise, any dirt and debris that is collected will sit there all winter long. Wipe everything down before you cover it or stow it away. This will mean less cleaning and prep is needed when it is time to get everything back out again.

3. Cover or store

Even if you have weather-resistant furniture it is still a good idea to get everything covered or stored away. Even the toughest materials can benefit from the extra protection and it will only increase longevity. If there’s nowhere to store furniture, invest in weather-proof covers to protect from any weather the Houston winter may bring.

4. Patio cushion care

If any of the furniture has cushions, remove them before covering or storing the furniture. The fabric is a favorite place for mold and mildew so you don’t want it kept outdoors, even when covered. Remove all fabrics and thoroughly clean and scrub with soap and water. Space them out to air dry, and once fully dry, store them away in containers. Make sure containers are properly sealed to keep damp and animals out.

5. Hammocks and umbrellas

If you have any hammocks or umbrellas these also need to be cleaned and properly stored. These can break under the weight of rain or snow, and you don’t want to risk this. It is better to be safe and takedown hammocks and umbrellas before winter arrives, even if snow or rain is not in the immediate forecast. Like your cushions, make sure these are thoroughly clean, dried, and stored.

6. Prep and clean the patio floor

Just as the furniture collected dirt, so did the patio floor. Power wash the patio floor to get rid of all dirt and debris. Even though some winter debris will collect too, by cleaning it beforehand, there will be less to do to get it ready for spring. And, by removing any buildup each season, the wood will last longer.

7. Put garden tools away

The ground will be too cold for gardening so you can put your gardening tools away for winter. Keeping them in a shed, container, or covered deck is the best way to keep them from rusting or freezing. If you have any buckets, keep them turned upside down and untwist all hoses.

8. Clean your grill

If you have a grill, it is time to get it clean. Even if you plan to use it through the winter, the more often you clean it, the better. To burn off any built-up residue, let it burn for a few minutes. Then you can turn it off and scrape off any remaining bits. Once cooled, you can use soap and water to clean the grill and cover once dry. It is good practice and will keep your grill working for longer, to do this each time you use the grill, even through the winter.


Whether you are used to winters being icy and snowy or not, you should always be prepared. You don’t want to get caught with a random storm that damages all your patio furniture. So, keep an eye on the weather, and if anything wintery is headed to Houston, use these tips to keep your patio furniture safe and sound for spring.

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