Does size really matter?  From what we have encountered so far, it isn’t important. We’ve seen small to moderately sized kitchens that are not only functional but visually appealing as well. As the cliché goes, big things come in small packages. In this case, a truly effective and functional kitchen starts with the correct design approach.

This is even more vital for the modern kitchen. Today, our modern lifestyles require us to juggle multiple tasks at once and the kitchen is not exempt from this. For many households, this is an area for food, socializing, and for spending some quiet time alone.

Today’s kitchen – whether large or small – would have to accommodate all these.  Smaller kitchens present a stronger challenge but once you’ve gotten over your home makeover jitters and put it all in perspective, it becomes quite easy. However, a few design tips would not hurt, and below might inspire you.


Study the kitchen’s layout

There are many kitchen layouts to consider but smaller kitchens can go for the Galley or the L-shape. The premise here is to create a logical workflow, one space for storage, the other for preparation and washing, and the other for cooking. Galleys and L-shapes maximize small spaces and ease traffic flow.

Consider the color palette

Once a layout is established, it’s time to pick a color scheme. The theory states that lighter colors, particularly white, can make smaller spaces appear larger. In practice, however, even sharp colors can make small rooms appear larger. The secret is to create a successful optical illusion. Sharper and brighter colors create contrast and depth whereas painting a room in a single color or shade can turn it dull, lifeless, and cramped. Another way to achieve this illusion is to use different tints of the same color. This method decreases angles/corners causing the mind to perceive a larger area.

Reduce clutter

Getting rid of clutter is actually the first rule in home improvement.  What’s great about it is that it is free, unless you lack storage space, in which case you might need to go shopping for kitchen shelves.  In line with this, you might want to replace large and chunky appliances for compact and smaller versions.

Let there be light!

Natural light adds a cheery atmosphere to any space. If your kitchen has access to natural light, then you’re in for a treat. If not, you can make use of artificial lighting. Task lights together with general lighting can make small spaces appear larger. Your lighting scheme can also be enhanced with mirrors and other reflective surfaces. Another added bonus is that lighting is not only functional but it can be decorative too.

Bring it all together with a stylish backsplash.

A fantastic way to make your kitchen pop is to add a fantastic backsplash. Together with the kitchen’s color or lighting design, a backsplash can add depth and layer to the kitchen. While ceramic or even stone tiles are suited, a glass tile backsplash can work wonders in a small kitchen. These tiles are sleek, stylish, and the reflective surface is a needed boost to small spaces.

Size need not be a hindrance to glamor and style. With the right approach, even the most unexciting kitchen can be turned around. Give our suggestions a try and use lighting, color, and glass tiles to improve your kitchen appeal.


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