A professionally designed patio cover can protect and enhance your outdoor living area dramatically. Unlike most cloth or vinyl patio covers, a custom, wood framed cover will provide covered access to your living area throughout all types of weather conditions. Not only does a wood framed cover prevent the hot sun and harmful UV rays from damaging your patio furniture, it also gives your family extra enclosed living space to sit and enjoy being outside during the summer thunderstorms.

When living in warmer climates like Texas and Southern California, the summer weather conditions can be extreme. A wood framed patio cover can give you the necessary shade for your family to enjoy spending time outdoors on your patio, without the harsh rays of the sun ruining your enjoyment.

One of our professional staff will be happy to visit with you about your specific requirements and patio cover needs. We will help you custom design a framed patio cover that will make a perfect addition to your outdoor living space, and enhance your home.

There are many different types of patio covers available. Sometimes referred to as “arbors,” A pergola is a covered walkway that can add enjoyment to your yard or gardens or even connect outdoor structures like gazebos or other garden features. Our pergolas are constructed from the finest quality wood products. All of our custom built structures are designed and created right on site. We believe our customer’s needs come first. We use a special blend of timber oil designed to seal, protect your wood frame patio cover from extreme heat, and weather exposure. Our well built structures are guaranteed to last for years.

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We pride ourselves in state of the art designs and custom work to give the customer a quality product that will not only reflect the architectural design of your home, but also enhance the overall appearance. We do high quality work that not only looks attractive, but gives you an excellent return on your investment and increases the value of your home. Since all the work is done by our professionals, you don’t have worry about dealing with delays or subcontractors or headaches of trying to schedule contractors and workmen.

Often times, our clients request that we build structures that are attached to the main body of the house. We are happy to provide this service to our customers. We make it our business to provide our clients with the finest quality custom wood framed patio coverings, screen rooms, sunrooms and pergolas. We can attach any of these to your home as per your request.

Naturally, most of our clients want the roofs of the wood framed structures to match the existing roofs of the main home structure. One can certainly understand this, as a mismatched roof over an outdoor patio or sunroom really takes away from the aesthetic design of the home. This could even cause devaluation in the property. Therefore, we use state of the art technology to match the roofs seamlessly in order to avoid problems. Our customers really appreciate the extra effort.

Contact us today to see how we can transform your home with a new, custom wood framed patio cover or maybe a pergola.

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