For decades, leaky blue tarps were all homeowners had, to temporarily cover roof damage, but now roofs can easily be well protected for up to a year with WrapRoof while waiting for insurance settlements and construction repairs. Even better, insurance companies might pay for this new and innovative technology, because it saves them money.

WrapRoof was developed by the company’s three owners: Larry Bond, Chris Mouriz and Spiro Naos. Bond started roofing at his uncles’ companies at age 12. He joined forces with Mouriz, a general contractor, and Naos, a project developer, to come up with this roof damage repair system that is vastly better than those old blue tarps. While FEMA says the tarps are a 30-day solution, WrapRoof guarantees against leaks for 1 year.

WrapRoof works so well because the entire roof is encapsulated with fire retardant 12-millimeter polyethylene. This strong layer is attached to the building with proprietary techniques that erase the need for nail guns or sandbags, which means weak points are eliminated. Not only does this make WrapRoof temporary roofs safer and stronger against things falling on them; it also does a much better job protecting structures’ contents. 

For this reason, insurance companies willingly pay for WrapRoof installations, because it protects dwellings and businesses from further damage until busy roofing companies can install permanent solutions. Anyone who lives in areas prone to hurricanes understands how long the wait can be for roof repairs after natural disasters, and the need to quickly protect their property from additional leaks.

WrapRoof is the home and business owners’ answer for protecting damaged roofs against up to 75 mph winds, and from rain, for up to one year. It is simply the best and most affordable post-disaster temporary roofing solution in existence.

From ranch houses to mansions, each roof is a customized perfect fit. You can see photos of what WrapRoof looks like on its website, Its appearance is tidy, with no flapping edges and thorough post-installation site cleanup by its crews. 

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