The cooler winter months may have done some damage to your garden or yard and you need to bring it back to life. You may not have had snowfall, but even heavy rains can damage soil and plant life, so give your garden some attention over the next few months so it can be in full and beautiful bloom.

Getting Your Yard Ready

Have a Plan

Having a plan for your landscaping is the first step. You need to remember that the condition of your yard and lawn contributes to the value of your home. Having a plan helps you to match what you need with what you can get done. If you don’t have the best gardening skills or greenest thumb, then plan to work with a professional landscaper to get the right ideas and advice for your lawn.

Time to Tidy

The simplest thing to start with is tidying up. Leaves and debris likely have blown all over from the colder months and fallen debris can cause accumulation of excess dirt. Get your rakes out and get rid of all fallen leaves and debris, and then be sure to even out any accumulated clumps of dirt. You also need to remove any form of trash that may have found its way to your yard, prune your shrubs, get the flower beds ready by removing weeds, and apply pest control solutions.

Ready the Soil

Once the soil is clear of debris and is an even tone, it is time to get it ready. Adding fertilizer is the best way to bring your lawn back to life. Ideally, you want to use a pre-emergent and a weed-killer too in order to get the most optimal growth and health for your lawn. Doing this ensures the lawn will be ready and it also prevents crabgrass which loves to grow over the summer.

Mow Early

Once the lawn is growing in, be sure to start mowing. Many people make the mistake of mowing later in the season. Mowing early allows the grassroots to reproduce more easily, which results in lusher and fuller grass. You also want to add some mulch around the edges of your yard for trees and shrubs. It preserves the soil in the grass and around your plants, allowing them to last longer.

Trim the Trees

It can be hard to tell if trees have dead leaves or branches unless you get up close and personal. Dead branches can easily fall and will mess up your lawn. So get a trimmer over the summer and prune your trees to make sure it is at its healthiest and to protect your lawn too.


Getting your garden ready is easy when you have a plan and when you start early. Be sure to have a routine cleanup and take advantage of raised beds. Use a tiller to help break new ground and invest in a quality fertilizer. Give your yard and lawn a fresh breath of life starting with some early preparations. 


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