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You can construct your patios using various materials like stone slabs, tiles or even bricks according to your preference. The style you use to build your patio, as well as the experience and knowledge of the individual you choose to install them, profoundly determine their durability. Constructing terraces in the wrong way exposes you to various risks associated with their breakage or damage. It is therefore essential to seek the help of trained personnel, and in cases where you lack the skilled personnel, you should make sure that you avoid the mistakes below to prevent damage of property and harmful body injuries.

Unsuitable drainage

It is important for your patio contractor to install a proper inclination to the area to prevent runoff water from being retained in the patio area. An improper drainage causes a mess in your home, and it may cause the overflow water from the rain to flow into your house, hence damaging your belongings.

Establishing a paving in damp ground

Paving stones and bricks are perfect construction materials to use when designing your patio, and if installed properly, they tend to last longer and save you the cost of replacing them. However, when you install them in the wrong way, the concrete slabs quickly detach themselves from the ground and even break. The broken concretes, in turn, pose a danger to you and your kids, as they can harm your legs whenever you are taking a walk. Due to this, you should always be cautious while installing them, and ensure that you place them on dry ground.

Check on furniture quality

It is also essential to purchase high-quality furniture to place in your patio area. Buying some random furniture is pointless as in most cases it is usually of low quality and vulnerable to damage, because of rainwater and other factors. It also calls for a need to purchase better furniture within a brief period. Hence, you end up spending even more than expected and in the end, you will be forced to make a quality purchase. It is better to save yourself from trouble from the onset.

Improper spacing

You should also be cautious not to leave a huge space between the materials that you use during construction. Wide spaces between tiles or bricks ruin the appearance of your patio in case they loosen or pop out. The breakage may similarly cause bodily harm and will require extra financial input to repair. You should choose an ideal spacing for your patio to avoid such issues.

Wrong choice of plants

You should also be cautious about the type of plants that you want for your garden, as they play a part in the appearance of your patio. The wrong choice of plants may overgrow and ruin the appearance of your patio. It is also important to consider the dominant factors at your place, which may trigger the fast growth of the plants in order to come up with the best choice of what to grow.


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