If you’re like most people, this is a busy time of year as you strive to use the remaining days to get your property cleaned up prior to the holidays and preparing your home for your indoor hibernation and your family’s holiday invasion shenanigans. While preparing for this, it’s quite likely that you’ll start to accumulate chunks of past treasures that have become an unwanted mess. Or maybe your property cleaning project gets out of hand and you need to get a better solution than making several exhausting visits to the landfills in your van-turned truck. This is where a roll-off dumpster rental could help you in big time. Here are 6 dumpster rental tips for this holiday season.

Clear the area for delivery:

Before the arrival of the dumpster, ensure there’s ample space for it. Vehicles & job site clutter must be cleared prior to dumpster arrival. The driver requires adequate space to drop off your dumpster. Offering room for your dumpster gives the truck easy access, resulting in a safe & on-time drop off of your dumpster.

Driveway protection:

Need extra protection for your driveway? We advocate putting wood beneath the dumpster wheels & at the front of the dumpster. All you need is a couple of sheets of plywood.

Space for the door swing:

If you’re using the backdoor of the dumpster, let a minimum of 8ft additional space. This lets space for the dumpster door to swing open, offering you complete access to the inside of your dumpster. A totally opened door makes disposing of junk easier and convenient.

roll off dumpsterLevel to the top:

It’s critical to ensure you don’t overload your dumpster more than level full. It is important the dumpsters are not overflowing with trash. Excessive wreckage in a dumpster can be risky during shipment. For safety purposes, if there’s an excess amount of garbage, your dumpster can’t be picked up. For safe transportation keep your dumpster filled at a decent level.

Distribute the weight evenly:

Make sure that the load of your dumpster is balanced. Take your time to distribute trash debris evenly in the dumpster. Proper distribution often consequence in extra space, whereas improper distribution can make the dumpster to suddenly shift during the retrieval of the dumpster! This can be risky for your worksite and for disposal staff. 

Weight limits:

Mandatory weight limits are fixed by the state for safety & transportation reasons. Heavier materials such as dirt, rock, shingles, stone, and drywall can easily add up. If your dumpster surpasses the weight limit, there could be extra weight charges.



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