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Who heard of putting a kitchen in the great outdoors? Many people with a backyard is interested in this type of residential practice, outdoor kitchens are in demand. Once you get approval from your community housing organization you are then able to build the kind of backyard kitchen that you desire.

How do you build an Outdoor Kitchen?

First, as the homeowner, you must get permission from your community housing organization. This step cannot be stressed enough. If approval is not granted for this type of project the homeowner could be forced to tear down the project after it has been completed.

Next, you must think about the best way to set up the kitchen with the space that you have available. You should also plan out what type of outlets you will need for appliances. If you plan on using electric appliences you should ensure that a connection has been set up for this purpose. You also must select the right type of appliances for an outdoor environment.

What types of Appliances work Best Outside?

Use sturdy appliances that can hold up to heat, humidity and inclement weather. Stainless steel appliances can be used if they are high quality. However, use refrigerators and grills that are durable over fancy looking. Plan on covering the appliances when not in use to help preserve them. Use weather proof or resistant materials for counter space and outdoor cupboards.

Specialty Equipment

Arrange your kitchen around any way you like. Use specialty items such as smokers, grills and built-in pits for roasting meats. These items can be arranged within a kitchen environment to quickly cook meals. They can also be used to enhance the cook’s ability to produce different dishes at the same time.


You can also set up an outdoor bar area for your outdoor kitchen. Think about seating and the type of products you want to keep stocked. Cold products should be placed inside of coolers or refrigerator units that can be made available in the area.

You can use specific types of flooring, tiles that is compatible with outdoor kitchens. Flooring should be easy to walk on and easy to clean. It too should be able to resist the elements.


See the outdoor kitchens we built:

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