With the summer gone, it feels like everyone wants to be outside now. Temperatures and humidity is lower, it is really nice to be outside this time of year. Well, this fall, why not commit to entertaining your friends on a great new patio? Everyone loves the family that throws a great summer barbecue, and this patio will provide the perfect platform to become the party throwing all star on your block.

Included in this patio are some great features that are sure to make you the talk of the town on the summer neighborhood party circuit. First up, we have the motorized screen around the patio. With this system, you will simply be able to press a button and the motorized screen will do all the work for you in closing itself. 

Another incredible feature on this redesigned patio is new gas line for the grill. With the new gas line included in your grill, you will be able to cook things to the perfect temperature, without having to worry about overcooking or under cooking anything on the menu. The possibilities are endless with this new gas line in your grill, from making simple burgers to slow cooking an incredible hunk of pulled pork for your summer get together. Your grilling will make you the talk of the town, and earn you ultimate bragging rights over your buddies.

Also featuring brand new concrete, this patio will stun your guests with the radiance of the brand new flooring. This concrete looks perfect in any setting, and allows for a clean and fresh look to your patio. It is also easy to clean, and does not stain easily, so this concrete flooring is a fantastic addition to any patio.

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Motorized screens also cover every opening around this fabulous patio. Everybody has horror stories of going to a barbecue or party in the fall that lasts into the night and coming back covered in mosquito bites. This screen system around the patio will make sure that horror story won’t repeat itself at your barbecue, as you can contain all your guests inside the screen and free from the terror of bugs and mosquitoes. Everyone hates bugs flying around their food too, and that’s another concern that this patio design completely eliminates. Never again have to shoe flies away from your burger with this fantastic patio addition.

So this fall, kick back, relax on your screened in patio, and throw yourself a big old party and invite all the neighbors. They are all going to want to see, and will surely marvel at your fabulous new patio additions and make you the envy of the neighborhood. Keeping up with the Jones’s is a thing of the past, your neighbors are all going to have to worry about keeping up with you with this fantastic patio design.

The wood framed patio cover is another part of this package that will surely bowl your friends over. Giving your home and patio a great, simple and rustic look, this patio cover will make everyone around you take notice. The black coloring of the patio cover also makes the look, while simple and rustic, very elegant and classy.


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