signs your roof needs repair

Regardless of the materials you’ve used in roofing, your roof may get old and worn out after being exposed to weather elements for years. If you delay repairing or replacing an old roof, you may end up incurring more damages in your home especially when it rains. Therefore, watch out for the warning signs so that you can plan your roof repair in advance. Here are potential signs that your roof needs repair or replacement:

1. Visible signs of roof damage

You can look for visible signs to see if your roof is worn out. Cracked or curled or missing shingles are an indication that your roof needs repair because they are not properly aligned. Cracked shingle and damaged flashing can cause rain and melting snow to seep under your roof! Therefore, if you notice any form of damage on your roof, you should contact a roof plumber to assess the damage and advice accordingly whether to repair or replace the roofing.

A sagging roof deck or rafters could be a sign that they may be wet from leaking moisture. You can have it checked to see if the sagging is just in one place or throughout your roof. If sagging is localized, you may avoid replacing the whole roof but if otherwise, a complete roof repair could be the most ideal option.

2. Signs of water damage

Roof related water leaks are not easily noticed especially during their early stages because they start as small leaks. Therefore, if you notice any form of interior leaks, you obviously have a damaged roof which needs repair. Alternatively, high humidity, mold growth and corrosion of HVAC components or electrical appliances in the ceiling can also be used to indicate water damage. You should not hesitate hiring a plumber to identify the problem before it advances into a more serious problem. A blocked roof drainage can also cause a lot of damage if ignored. So, when it rains or snows, check your roof drainage to make sure that water is draining freely from the roof.

Sometimes, new stains on walls or ceilings are also a sign that your roof is leaking. It is not recommended you try fixing the problem yourself because you may not have the skills and experience needed to fix the problem. Instead hire a professional plumber to help you fix the problem. If your roof is old, you may step on it trying to repair or locate a leak and make it collapse. No matter how small a problem may seem, if you don’t have the skills to fix it, leave it to a professional to avoid extra losses after you’ve made it bigger.

3. Check your energy costs

Energy costs can also be used to indicate whether your roof needs repair. If you’ve started getting bigger energy bills and they are not related to either increased utility rates or extra consumption of energy, they could be due to a roof problem. For instance, if your roof has a leak and water is leaking into your house causing a saturation, the insulation and thermal efficiency in your house will decline and consequently more energy will be required to heat and cool your home. Hence, utility cost will increase. If you have experienced any fluctuations in your energy costs, you can have a roof plumber check your roofing for leaks. The roofer should also address the ventilation problem in your attic to fix any problem.

Even though your roof appears damaged and worn out, the only way to be sure is having a professional inspection from a reputable roofer. In case the roofer finds a problem, make sure you’ve it fixed to avoid further damages.



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