Best Garage Door Opener


The best garage door opener unit is the one that enables the smooth, uninterrupted movement of your garage door. It should also be able to go up and down using a minimum amount of power consumption, thus saving you electricity. Also, the belt drive system is much quieter compared to chain drive systems. The product should have a battery backup in case there is an electrical failure or blackout. Some models are available with WiFi connectivity which enables you to operate them from anywhere.

Easy installation process

A lot of people do not opt for this kind of upgrade because they find it complicated to install. It is actually relatively easy and you can do it yourself in a few hours without the need for any tools or expertise in this regard. Some units come with instruction manuals that are easy to follow. If not, there are many online tutorials that guide you through the process step by step.

Quiet operation

You should invest in an opener unit that operates quietly so as not to disturb your family members when sleeping or watching TV. You can opt instead for chain drive systems which are much louder than belt drive system openers but the latter is more expensive than the former. The noise generated will also depend on how fast the door opens and closes. Slower opening speed reduces noise while faster speed generates more noise.

Battery back-up

Modern garage door opener units are powered by either a 12 or 24 V DC power source. During a power outage, the device will still be able to operate using a battery like is the case with modern cars that have multiple electrical systems including the ignition system which is powered by a battery when the engine does not start. This ensures that your garage door remains open during this period of time.

WiFi connectivity

The best garage door opener unit provides you with Wi-Fi connectivity so you can control it from your car, tablet, laptop or smartphone while at home or away. The process involves downloading an application and entering relevant login details for full access. You can also create user codes that allow you and your family members to operate the doors easily without having to remember a password.

Easy programming

This is another feature that makes it one of the best garage door opener units. Programming is required when you install new openers or replace old ones when they fail. It saves time and effort compared to when you do this manually by turning the locking mechanism left and right several times to open and close respectively. Other features such as the backup battery, belt drive system, quiet operation, WiFi connectivity, and multi-user access add to its ease of use making it even better than other similar products out there on the market today. The product should be well structured in terms of design so that it fits in with other components in your home decor seamlessly without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Energy efficiency and power consumption

The best garage door opener unit should have low energy consumption so as not to increase your electricity bill significantly. It also facilitates smooth and quiet operation especially during the cold seasons when one is trying to sleep. It uses only as much power as it needs for its smooth functioning without any extra strain on the electrical system of your house. Also, look for those that come with sensors that enable them to stop before they hit anything in their path such as children or pets who may be passing under the door at the time it is closing. This way you can avoid an accident and save yourself from litigation and heartbreak.

It operates quietly

You must ensure that your garage door opener operates very quietly so that it does not disturb your family members when they are trying to watch TV or have a good night’s sleep.

It must be battery powered

When there is a power outage, the garage door opener should be able to function on battery alone which is usually 12 volts. This will also come in handy during emergency situations such as earthquakes when you are stuck inside for hours attempting to open the doors manually. You can even opt for ones with backup generators that automatically kick in during power outages lasting more than 10 minutes.




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